Hello everyone!

Rest Points

As usual we've been hard at work with continued development and wanted to show you some of what we've been working on lately. First of all, when inside the Bros house, players now have the ability to sleep in their bed and restore they're HP. There will be places to do this throughout the game so the Bros can keep their fighting spirit up!

You may also notice in the above screenshot that there is an exclamation point above Bobby's head. Now, when a player is near something they can interact with, there will be an exclamation point displayed signifying it. We believe this will make the game much easier to navigate.

New Tile Maps

As usual we have continued working on more maps and areas for the game. One of the largest maps early on in the game will be the park. This includes a basketball court, tennis court, ponds, food trucks, bridges and even a homeless camp!

Another, smaller map we recently created is for the subway stations. Subways will be the normal way to traverse longer distances in and around Pixel City, so players will be seeing these a lot!


On this dev log we'd like to take some time to feature one of the most important aspects to any game: the music. Over the past several months we've been working with some talented artists to develop music for the different areas that will be featured in Pixel City Bros and now we're happy to share a few of these with all of you!

Keeping in line with the overall aesthetic, we needed the music for PCB to be throwback tracks and similar to music you'd hear from games back in the 16-bit era.

The first track we'd like to share with you is the theme song for Pixel City Bros, "Welcome To Pixel City." You can check it out at the link below:

An early area of the game will be the "Biker" area as the Bros do their best to find their girls. This next track is what will be featured during the free roam portions of this area. Listen at the link below:

A gameplay element of PCB will be training at gyms in different areas and everyone knows how important music can be when you're trying to get swole! Listen to our gym theme at the link below:

And the final tune we will share with you today will be our battle theme for our Home area. In our opinion, it definitely puts you in the mood for an epic battle. Listen at the link below:

So these are just a few of the tracks we have created so far in the game and we hope to share more with you soon! We hope you've enjoyed what you've heard so far because there is plenty more to come!

We will continue to keep you updated on our progress as we get closer to the release of our playable demo. In the coming weeks we'll be showing you more of what's been going on behind the scenes. As always, thanks for following along with us on our journey and be sure to follow us on our social media accounts and be sure to spread the word to other gamers! Thanks bros!

One last note. If you want to see some of the gameplay footage (no audio) then check out the YouTube vid below.

Shout out to Rick Wayfarer for his excellent work on our music