Hello all,

Another update here. Sorry we missed last week but we are heads down banging out code. There are several things going on simultaneously as we try to reach the first goal of finishing a playable demo. The demo will include nearly all functionality the game will offers and will serve two purposes: to let our fans play the game and test it, and also to finish the foundation where we can replicate in the rest of the game.

The demo will consist of the entire "Chapter 1" of the game that ranges from the opening menu to the end of the first area where the Bros begin their search for their lost girlfriends.

One of the fun / challenging parts of the game is taking a tileset and creating rooms and areas. It's also one of the most frustrating. Since we are building this in Unity we chose a couple tools to help us with this. The first one is Tiled (www.mapeditor.org). This allows us to build our maps decoupled from Unity and allows non Unity users to be able to build maps without having to worry about things like version control and the Unity interface. To get the maps into Unity we use a tool called Tiled2Unity (http://tiled2unity.readthedocs.io/). This tool is fantastic and free and much appreciated to the creator Sean Barton (http://www.seanba.com/).


This one is probably my favorite so far. This is the gym in which the Bros can train. There will be several gyms in the game and each will allow you to train in various events to gain stats.

Here is a tour of the gym. One of the challenges when building map is how to layer the tiles correctly so that it gives the illusion of more depth. When you walk behind items you want to appear behind it and not stop. I feel this gives a more authentic feel to the game and is done in most RPG games you play.

Opening Screen

The opening screen is in the game and the functionality is being attached. So soon you will be able to actually start a game or continue is rather than just starting wherever the developers last tested the player.

Miscellaneous Updates

We added some smaller updates to the game that are not too significant but we created a dialog whenever you enter and exit a room. We also are working on the ability to open / close doors which is almost complete but could not quite make it in the game! Also we are working on the Barter system (buying and selling).

Some tools we are using

For those interested in development I figured I would post about some of the tools we are using in Unity (paid and free).

This tool is awesome. It will take your asesprite or pyxeledit animations and create them as animations in Unity. This saves hours of time.

Since a lot of the developers come from a SQL background and SqlLite is supported on pretty much every device, we decided to use the Saving / Loading functionality with SQL. This saves us from having to write a file parser and things like this. If you know SQL this is a nice tool to have.

DisplabFab UI
This one is an interesting concept and may not make sense for some people. This tool is used to bind data from one thing to another in Unity. We use it specifically for displaying data in the Menu system. For example when you go to your menu and want to view your stats of a player this library binds the data. Its not necessary but allows you to do it inside of Unity interface instead of having to write code to gather that data.

ProCamera 2d
This is an awesome tool that has many different functions to it. Check out their docs if you want to know more.

DotTween Pro
This tool is use for making waypoints and animations. We have the library in our code but havent fully used it yet. I envision using it for things like cut scenes, random NPC movements, and also during the battle scenes.

Last I will leave you guys with a couple random NPC gifs :).

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